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Recently, I had the pleasure of connecting with Josh Brazier, one of the inspiring young people who created Kaiizen over ten years ago.  Kaiizen is an outreach program to help underprivileged children, and to also change the lives of those who serve in the organization.  There is so much beauty and symbolism in the word Kaiizen as it relates to the creation of this special non for profit.  Kaiizen is an adaptation of the Japanese word for constant improvement, or doing a little better each day.  It is the mantra of this organization as it strives to help individuals become a little better each day through service and Humanitarian Therapy.

So how did all this goodwill get started?  Josh’s inspiration came at the young age of 19 when he took a life changing trip to a refugee camp in Morocco.  He was so moved by his experience at the refugee camp that he began a mission of helping others less fortunate, those who are orphans and those who are vulnerable.  Josh and his six like-minded friends from college decided to listen to their hearts and began the non for profit, Kaiizen.

As they followed their hearts, doors started opening for them and it quickly became a very successful mission that helps children all over the world.  Josh’s project is unique in that it not only helps vulnerable children, but also at the same time, it mentors young men and women through humanitarian therapy.  Humanitarian Therapy is the idea that when we help others we help ourselves.  Kaiizen is open to everyone; however, the focus is on adolescents, college-age students and families.

Josh’s parents always encouraged him to work hard, think for himself, and follow his heart.  That is exactly what Josh has done.  Josh and the other co-founders of Kaiizen have spread this mission globally.  They have taken volunteers who are ready and willing to help change lives and have their lives changed as a result to India, Africa, Mexico, Nepal, Spain, Costa Rica, Brazil and more!  The 2015 calendar is posted and the spots are going quickly for these humanitarian trips!

How will you be a little better today as you embrace the mantra that is Kaiizen?

You can also be a part of Josh’s latest brainchild-Kaiizen Mentors.  It is a coaching/mentoring program set up for teens to get connected with certified life-coaches to help struggling youth get motivated and reach their full potential.

Instead of sending a child to summer camp, why not sent them to a foreign country with a Kaiizen mentor, to give them the opportunity to have their live changed forever?  For more information visit

Also, be on the look out for Josh’s new book “How Is it Going For You?”


Betsy Coffeen

P.S. Because every child deserves to be safe.



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