Transforming Erie County into one of the Safest Places to be a Kid

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According to a report by Huffington Post, nearly 40% of the three million child abuse and neglect complaints each year are never investigated. This is a tragedy.

The Stop Abuse Campaign is a leader in promoting accountability for the safety of children once a complaint has been filed. I had the pleasure of speaking with Melanie Blow, a dynamic advocate for child abuse survivors, an advocate for policies and laws that prevent child abuse, and the Director of the Stop Abuse Campaign in New York City.

Melanie is leading the campaign and working on laws to protect these children who are part of the staggering 40% of cases that go without investigation. Stop Abuse Campaign’s newest flagship project is transforming Erie County, New York, into a county focused on preventing child abuse and to ensure the safety and protection of the child once a complaint is reported to CPS.

To help be a catalyst for change, and to learn how to make Erie County one of the safest places in America to grow up, please read the article below and sign the petition at the following link:

p.s. because every child deserves to be safe.


Betsy Coffeen

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