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As advocates for the injustice of abuse in any form to children, we all want to see change. This is very hard to accomplish due to the ambiguous nature of the law and the process of how to successfully create legislation that ensures accountability for child safety.

For this purpose, I feel it is helpful to share with our group of advocates, articles that were written by a friend of mine, Christine Jones.  About a year ago, Christine and I were connected by a mutual friend who knew of our common passion for child safety. Christine is an accomplished attorney, business woman, and former Gubernatorial candidate for this past year. As if her resume doesn’t speak for itself, Christine is a Change-maker and has written federal legislation that protects children on the Internet.

I hope you find the following articles written by Christine Jones to be of benefit as it provides specific steps on how to influence and change legislation.   Most importantly, my hope is that this link will build a bridge between raising awareness and a call to action.

We can all be change-makers by connecting, caring, and collaborating. Click the following link to learn more:




PS – Because every child deserves to be safe.

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