New Emergency Placement Center of Arizona

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The new Children’s Placement Center, a collaborative effort of Childhelp and the Arizona Department of Child Safety has teamed up to create a temporary safe place for children who have been suddenly removed from their homes.  Previously, there was no place to send these kids when there was an emergency situation and need to remove them from their homes.  It is amazing that both Childhelp and DCS were able to make this happen in such a short time frame.  The center serves children between the ages of zero to ten who are in need of shelter.

“This is an incredible moment for our community’s children in need”, said Director Greg McKay. “I am tremendously thankful and inspired by the teamwork displayed to make this shelter a reality, especially in such a short period of time. I want to thank Sara and Yvonne and everyone at Childhelp for their tireless devotion to this project. Without their generosity and continued advocacy for children this much needed process would not have happened.”

The reality of this situation is that on average 15 children are removed from their homes in Arizona on a daily basis due to unsafe situations.  Prior to The Children’s Placement Center, there was not really an appropriate place to send them. This new center can accommodate as many as 30 children per night.  Donations are still greatly needed and appreciated as well as volunteers.   They are in need of food, clothing for the children, toiletries, blankets, & books.  To participate in this worthy cause, please reach out to:

Childhelp National Headquaters

Kathy Emig, National Director of Wings & Arizona Chapter Coordinator

4350 East Camelback Road, Suite F250

Phoenix, Arizona 85018

Childhelp is a beautiful organization that works diligently to solve the complex issues around children and abuse.  I love being a part of this outreach and helping these cute kids.  Please consider helping in whatever way you can!


Betsy Coffeen


p.s. because every kid deserves to be safe





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